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  • Debris examined for possible link to missing Malaysia Airlines plane - Washington Post
    31.07.2015, 08:29:33 Debris examined for possible link to missing Malaysia Airlines plane Washington Post The cold case known as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been jolted by a piece of flotsam that washed ashore, and now investigators are scrambling again. A top Australian official said Friday authorities are "increasingly confident" that the debris ... Increasing confidence plane wreckage is from MH370, Australian official says CNN An Expert Says Our Search Strategy Will Need Overhauling If the Réunion Debris ... TIME MH370 search: Possible wreckage could offer clues on how plane crashed ABC News  - Livemint  - Irish Independent all 3,994 news articles »
  • Palestinian toddler killed in 'Jewish settler' arson attack - BBC News
    31.07.2015, 07:31:21
    BBC News Palestinian toddler killed in 'Jewish settler' arson attack BBC News A Palestinian toddler has been killed in an arson attack in the West Bank, suspected to have been carried out by Jewish settlers, Israeli police say. The 18-month-old boy was killed in the night-time attack on two homes in the village of Duma. His ... Israeli police: Palestinian toddler killed, relatives injured in 'price tag ... CNN Palestinian child dead in suspected Jewish extremist arson attack on home The Guardian Erekat calls on international community to protect Palestinians from Israelis ... Jerusalem Post Israel News Haaretz  - Times of India  - Hindustan Times all 306 news articles »
  • George HW Bush tweets recovery photo - USA TODAY
    31.07.2015, 04:35:00
    USA TODAY George HW Bush tweets recovery photo USA TODAY A week and a half after being released from the hospital, former president George H.W. Bush on Thursday thanked his well-wishers and posted a photo of himself giving a thumbs-up on Twitter. "Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of ... George HW Bush gives thumbs up after breaking bone in neck: 'Who knew jumping ... New York Daily News 'Who knew jumping out of planes was safer than getting out of bed?' - George W ... Irish Independent George HW Bush Tweets Picture After Bone Break Sky News Dispatch Times  - WXYZ  - Daily Mail all 149 news articles »
  • Mullah Muhammad Omar's Life Ends With Little Clarity - New York Times
    31.07.2015, 04:52:57
    New York Times Mullah Muhammad Omar's Life Ends With Little Clarity New York Times WASHINGTON -- In the winter of 2014, an Afghan with links to top Taliban leaders approached Afghanistan's intelligence service with a startling tip: Mullah Muhammad Omar, the secretive leader of the Taliban, had died in a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. Afghan Taliban praise new leader in statement Fox News Afghan Taliban issue statement in attempt to rally followers CTV News Afghan Taliban release statement praising new leader Washington Post Economic Times  - Daily Times all 1,231 news articles »
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  • Jewish Extremists Eyed in Fire That Killed Toddler
    31.07.2015, 08:57:09
    A police spokesperson said the phrase "Price Tag," used in the past by extremists, was on the walls of the home that burned in the West Bank.
  • 'Wave of Lawsuits' Looms If Debris Is Linked to MH370
    31.07.2015, 08:55:49
    The appearance of an object, identified by experts as part of a Boeing 777's wing, on Reunion Island could offer the first real clue to MH370's fate.
  • Wailing Toddler Rescued from Hot Minivan Outside Costco
    31.07.2015, 08:35:47
    A sheriff's officer rescued a wailing, sweat-soaked toddler from inside a locked minivan parked at a Costco in New Jersey on Thursday.
  • Bill Neely Reports From Beach on Reunion Island Where Wreckage Found
    31.07.2015, 08:35:13
    The beaches and shoreline of Reunion Island are searched for more items that may be from missing MH370. NBC News' Bill Neely is there.
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  • Killer of Cecil the lion should be extradited, Zimbabwe says
    31.07.2015, 09:00:55
    HARARE (Reuters) - The American dentist who killed Cecil the lion a month ago in Zimbabwe had financed an illegal hunt and should be extradited to the southern African nation to face justice, environment minister Oppah Muchinguri said on Friday. In a news conference, Muchinguri referred to 55-year-old Walter Palmer as a "foreign poacher" and said she understood the Prosecutor-General had started the process to have him extradited from the United States.
  • IOC chooses 2022 host city, winner to be announced Friday
    31.07.2015, 08:57:57
    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- The IOC has selected a host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics, with the winner to be announced later Friday.
  • Attack in West Bank kills Palestinian child, homes torched
    31.07.2015, 08:54:30
    DUMA, West Bank (AP) -- Suspected Jewish assailants attacked a Palestinian village in the West Bank early Friday and torched two homes, hurling fire bombs inside and setting off a blaze that killed a toddler and critically wounded his 4-year-old brother and parents.
  • Commodities, China stocks lick wounds after brutal July
    31.07.2015, 08:51:33
    By Marc Jones LONDON (Reuters) - Commodities and China investors waved a relieved goodbye to July on Friday following a brutal sell-off that has revived fears about the global economy and overshadowed more encouraging news from the U.S. and Europe. There were signs that the rout wasn't over yet as Chinese stocks - which have suffered their worst monthly drop in 6 years - wobbled again, oil prices slipped following a more than 15 percent July slump and metals from industrial copper to precious gold hit multi-year lows. ...
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  • Australian official 'increasingly confident, but not yet certain'
    31.07.2015, 08:02:14
  • Gay pride parade stabbings
    31.07.2015, 01:41:00
  • Palestinian toddler dies in attack
    31.07.2015, 08:30:43
    A Palestinian's home was burned during a "price tag" attack Friday that killed a toddler and critically injured four other relatives, Israeli authorities said.
  • Good Samaritan family gunned down
    31.07.2015, 07:15:24
    Trying to be Good Samaritans cost two members of a Montana family their lives and left their daughter wounded.
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  • Abductions Hurt U.S. Bid to Train Anti-ISIS Rebels in Syria
    30.07.2015, 21:47:10
    A troubled Pentagon program to train Syrian insurgents to fight the Islamic State has produced only a tiny band of fighters ready to do battle.
  • Jewish Arsonists Suspected in West Bank Attack That Killed Palestinian Toddler
    31.07.2015, 07:31:17
    Witnesses quoted by Palestinian and Israeli news outlets said that Israeli settlers threw firebombs around 2 a.m. at two houses in the village of Duma.
  • Israel Allows Hunger-Striking Prisoners to Be Force-Fed
    30.07.2015, 18:48:54
    Legislators voted to allow the force-feeding in extreme cases, a move that seemed to be aimed at preventing Palestinian inmates from using fasts to win their release.
  • Mullah Muhammad Omar’s Life Ends With Little Clarity
    31.07.2015, 04:53:47
    Mullah Muhammad Omar, the secretive leader of the Taliban, spent the final years of his life in remarkable obscurity, and his death was confirmed only by chatter among Taliban officials.
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