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  • On immigration, a failure of leadership - U-T San Diego
    22.11.2014, 12:31:47
    "" TIME On immigration, a failure of leadership U-T San Diego There will be no comprehensive reform of this country's broken immigration system until at least 2017, if then. There probably won't be much of anything else the next two years, either. That is the unfortunate but real import of the executive order President ... House Republican leaders learn lessons from shutdown fight The Hill President beseeches Congress to act on immigration bill Columbus Dispatch Obama taunts GOP critical of executive immigration action New York Daily News  - Dubuque Telegraph Herald  - Washington Post all 12,532 news articles »
  • US 'to expand' 2015 Afghanistan combat role - BBC News
    22.11.2014, 11:32:25
    BBC News US 'to expand' 2015 Afghanistan combat role BBC News US troops in Afghanistan will be allowed to target Taliban fighters in Afghanistan from 2015, US officials say, expanding their role after the end of major combat operations. Guidelines approved by President Barack Obama will also provide air support for ... President Barack Obama expands US combat operation in Afghanistan Daily Mail Obama approves guidelines to broaden operation in Afghanistan, officials say Fox News Obama broadens mission in Afghanistan News24 Reuters  - USA TODAY all 169 news articles »
  • FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision - ABC News
    22.11.2014, 11:31:22
    ABC News FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision ABC News The FBI has sent about 100 agents to the St. Louis area to help deal with any problems that could arise from the grand jury decision in the police shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown. In addition to the FBI, other federal agencies have also mobilized ... Official: Ferguson grand jury still meeting Some classes canceled in Ferguson and nearby schools New York Daily News This Time, the Protesters in Ferguson May Decide to Pass New York Times  - Bustle all 2,654 news articles »
  • Gaza to receive second shipment of building material next week - Haaretz
    22.11.2014, 11:18:53
    Haaretz Gaza to receive second shipment of building material next week Haaretz UN and Palestinian officials say this second shipment will be distributed to some 24,000 families whose homes were damaged in the 50-day hostilities between Israel and Hamas this summer. By Jack Khoury | Nov. 22, 2014 | 1:39 PM ... Punitive Israeli house demolitions 'war crime': HRW Daily Times Israel Begins Controversial Demolitions of Palestinain Suspects' Homes HRW: Israel's demolition of Palestinian terrorists' homes is 'war crime' Jerusalem Post Irish Times  - The Independent  - Al-Arabiya all 1,123 news articles »
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  • Why Are Chinese Investors Buying Up Detroit?
    22.11.2014, 11:18:52
    Detroit's thousands of empty buildings are being flogged -- and Chinese investors are answering the siren call of unbeatable deals.
  • 'Automotive Wealth Gap' on Display at L.A. Show
    22.11.2014, 09:58:11
    Stroll around the Los Angeles Auto Show and you'll see the wealth gap writ large in the pricey metal automakers are peddling.
  • 'Violent Incidents': U.S. Warns on Mexican Resort Town
    22.11.2014, 09:08:40
    The American embassy in Mexico has advised U.S. citizens to avoid Acapulco, a Pacific coastal resort once known for hosting glamorous jet-setters.
  • 'Bandits' Shoot Dead Dozens in Kenya Bus Ambush
    22.11.2014, 08:03:43
    Attackers ambushed a bus and killed 28 people early on Saturday in Mandera in northeast Kenya, police and the Ministry of Interior said.
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  • Nagorno-Karabkah says it killed 2 Azeri soldiers
    22.11.2014, 12:21:43
    YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) -- Nagorno-Karabakh says its forces have killed two Azerbaijani soldiers in an operation to recover the bodies of three helicopter crew members whose craft was shot down by Azerbaijan this month.
  • Calm urged as Ferguson grand jury nears decision
    22.11.2014, 12:20:47
    FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) -- Activists, authorities and the family of Michael Brown called for calm as a grand jury drew closer to an announcement in the Ferguson police shooting. But it was unclear whether the panel was still at work or when it would render a decision.
  • Islamic State kills 25 Iraqi tribesmen near Ramadi: officials
    22.11.2014, 11:55:21
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State militants have killed 25 members of a Sunni Muslim tribe during their assault on a provincial capital west of Baghdad, local officials said on Saturday, in apparent revenge for tribal opposition to the radical Islamists. They said the bodies of the men from the Albu Fahd tribe were discovered after the army launched a counter-offensive on Saturday against the Islamic State in a village on the eastern edge of Ramadi, capital of Anbar province. ...
  • Activist group: US-led Syria strikes kill over 900
    22.11.2014, 11:54:12
    BEIRUT (AP) -- A prominent Syrian activist group monitoring its civil war says U.S.-led airstrikes in the country have killed over 900 people since September, many fighters of the militant Islamic State group, though some civilians as well.
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  • Frenemies: Obama and Boehner
    21.11.2014, 22:46:19
    A collection of President Obama and House Speaker Boehner's best and worst attempts at working together since 2008.
  • House GOP sues over Obamacare
    22.11.2014, 01:18:16
    House Republicans filed a lawsuit regarding President Barack Obama's "unilateral actions" on health care, Speaker John Boehner announced.
  • L.A. schools' abuse settlement a record
    22.11.2014, 00:17:23
    The Los Angeles public school district will pay more than $139.2 million to the families of 81 children allegedly abused by an elementary teacher now serving a prison sentence for lewd conduct, officials said Friday.
  • Mr. President, forget something?
    21.11.2014, 23:15:36
    He's got a lot on his mind -- can you blame him?
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  • In a Shift, Obama Extends U.S. Role in Afghan Combat
    22.11.2014, 02:05:12
    The president’s order would allow American forces to carry out missions against the Taliban and other militant groups threatening American troops or the Afghan government, sources said.
  • Yangon’s Hero, Wielding Power of Stop and Go
    21.11.2014, 19:47:48
    As liberalization swamps Myanmar’s largest city with cars, a young police sergeant adept at managing the flow has been winning praise — and quite a few tips.
  • Q. and A.: The Diplomatic Effort, and What a Final Agreement Might Look Like
    21.11.2014, 19:39:00
    The United States, its allies, and other nations possessing nuclear weapons are striving to reach a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear power to peaceful uses.
  • Brinkmanship Heightens as Deadline for a Nuclear Deal With Iran Looms
    22.11.2014, 01:17:07
    Difficulties in the talks suggested it was unlikely that any agreement that might be announced on Monday would be a complete one, and that a deadline extension would be needed.
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